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Patient Services Needs

Medical Supplies:
While we would love to give you an opportunity to buy these directly, the brands and criteria are just too specific as we purchase them all from a specialized medical supply company. However you can sponsor these purchases at the following rates:

Pregnancy Tests $35.50 for a box of 50
Ultrasound Gel $88.55/case of 4gal. containers
Ultrasound Film $231.41 for a box of 10 rolls
Drapes for Ultrasound   $15.08 for a case of 100

Kitchen supplies:
We try to bless our clients with various beverage options during their visit so we always have a need for these approved options. There’s also a constant need to keep our kitchen and bathroom stocked with paper goods and cleaning supplies:

Ginger Ale (canned) Bottled Water
Paper Towels Toilet Paper

Volunteer Appreciation:
Your donations can really get creative here! We are always looking for more opportunities to care for those individuals that give their time so freely to serve our clients well! Some suggestions include:

Provide snacks during shifts
Sponsor dinner for volunteer inservices ($500)
Gift cards for us to buy appreciation gifts
A space to host a volunteer appreciation event

Office Supplies

These are a few of our most frequently purchased office supplies. We are able to get a discounted rate through a local office supply company (prices below). You can opt to either cover the cost of one or more of these items, or purchase the items elsewhere and deliver to one of our clinics. Email us for specific product info.

printer paper $34.17/carton of 10 reams
white cardstock $18.78/ream of 250 sheets
standard mailing labels $95.46/pk of 7500
bulk mailing labels $17.98/pk of 2000
manila envelopes  $14.98/pk of 100
rolls of stamps $49.00/roll of 100

Advertising and Events

Sponsor a Newsletter:
We send out 3 newsletters per year.

Printing & postage for 1 newsletter     $640
Printing & postage for newsletters for 1 year $1920




Sponsor a Fundraising Event:
Staunton/Augusta/Waynesboro events:
Stride for Life
Fall Banquet
Baby Bottle Campaign

Rockbridge/Lexington/Allegheny events:
Stride for Life
Spring Banquet
Baby Bottle Campaign

Underwriting for each event varies from $1,000 to $15,000. This is a great opportunity for your church or business to support one of these events while also receiving advertising for your organization. 

Sponsor Client Outreach Efforts: $500 for 1 month

Be creative! If you have another thought or suggestion, please contact us to see if there is a current need.