Winter 2019 Newsletter

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As you read this newsletter, consider it my personal invitation to tour one of the ComfortCare Women’s Health clinics.  I realize you are probably thinking – that’s nice, but why would I ever need to take a tour to support ComfortCare’s work?

You’re right.  You are receiving this newsletter because, somewhere along the way, you have already shown your support for this ministry and the service it provides.  Thank you.

While ComfortCare does not need you to tour to demonstrate support, I would ask you to consider this information – 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by the age of 45. That reality means that you likely know a woman who has an abortion in her past or will have an abortion in her future. With that in mind, would you like to understand her journey a bit better? So that when she trusts you with that vulnerable information, she finds someone of compassion, truth, love, and knowledge? She finds a resource. She finds a piece of her community.

After you read this newsletter, I trust that you will feel more informed and more equipped to speak into these issues.  My hope, however, is that you walk away feeling more connected as you take that next step to be a promising light in her journey.

Stephanie Crawford
President & CEO


Take our online quiz!
See how much you already know and perhaps you’ll learn something new along the way!
After completing the quiz, please provide your name and contact info. One winner will be randomly drawn to win a very special ComfortCare prize!


Our desire for each patient is to know and understand her story. Her unique, personal, heartfelt story. As we continually strive to connect with our patients in that way, we believe that positive impact furthers for her when we educate her community as well. We know that ComfortCare staff and volunteers will not be the only support system she needs. She will need a community.  She will need you.

So I invite you to sign up to attend (or host) one of our Partners in Hope tours.  These tours are designed to be informative, informal, and concise.  Other than your feedback, we will not be asking for anything from you, or your guests, during this time together.  We hope you will find time to join us!   Go to our Partners in Hope page for upcoming dates and to register for a tour.


I’m 1 person… What Could I Possibly Do to Help?
Here are a variety of ways YOU can contribute towards a day where all women can choose
an abundant life – no matter your time available or your financial means, every 1 counts!

PURCHASE a Choose Life license plate from  The money earned from this program is dispersed to pregnancy centers throughout the state of Virginia.  This money is not provided from the state, it is provided from YOU!

DOWNLOAD this helpful guide.  Set a goal to complete at least 2 of the many suggestions provided!

PARTICIPATE in ComfortCare’s fundraisers by raising money and awareness!  More info at

CONTRIBUTE to our clinics and the implementation of our services by reviewing and purchasing from our ComfortCare Women’s Health Wish List

ATTEND or host a Partners in Hope Tour.

ASK YOUR CHURCH to host a ComfortCare speaker during a church service, women’s group, or men’s group. If they cannot provide the time for a speaker, let us know and we’ll send you a brief video overview they can show as well.

Do you have at least 15 minutes each week?  JOIN THE 12:12 PRAYER NETWORK. Email: to sign up for a time slot and pray for ComfortCare from the comfort of your home.