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Dear friends,Take a moment to walk with me through a woman’s journey as she finds out she’s unexpectedly pregnant. She has no idea how to proceed, as this wasn’t a part of her plan. She looks at her phone. Should she call someone? What would she say? She should find out if she’s pregnant first. She starts researching…Now, think about the first place you go when you need an answer to a question. The internet, perhaps? For most of us, we don’t need to go any further than the information superhighway we hold at our fingertips. Now, think about all the noise that exists on the internet – all the options, all the advertisements, and all the opinions. A woman can buy a pregnancy test online. She can buy an abortion pill online, illegally, of course. She can research all of her options online. She can make an appointment online – at ComfortCare or at Planned Parenthood. We are committed to strengthening our voice online in 2018 so that she may have one. Please read through and pray for our clients as you seek to understand her journey. Prayerfully decide how you can strengthen her voice – how you can take action on her behalf. We would love for you to join us.

Stephanie Crawford, President & CEO

Do you know the significance that January 22 plays in a woman’s pregnancy decision?

The reality is that she has a choice. As a nation, legislation gave her that option 45 years ago through the deciding verdict of Roe v. Wade on Jan 22, 1973. Eleven years later, after 15 million legal abortions had already taken place, President Reagan declared January 22 as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. In his proclamation, he noted the significant loss for our nation and our sense of individual worth by legalizing abortion. Reagan thought it appropriate to commemorate the same day as an opportunity to reflect upon the gift of life that we have all been given and our responsibility to protect it. As an organization, ComfortCare seeks to protect that gift by helping spread awareness in the month of January for the Sanctity of Human Life. We want to extend our thanks to the area churches that welcomed us in to share the significance of this day in the fight for human life, the gift that Christ has given and holds most dear.

Thank you for hosting a ComfortCare speaker …

Basic UMC | Bethany Lutheran | Buena Vista PHC | Calvary Baptist – Staunton | Calvary Baptist – Waynesboro
Cherryvale UMC | Church on the Hill | Collierstown Baptist | Cornerstone Church of Augusta | Crozet UMC
Greenville Baptist | Grace Presbyterian | Lexington Baptist | LifeChapel | Memorial Baptist
New Covenant Community Church | New Life Baptist | Parkway Wesleyan | Sherlynd Baptist | Streamlife Church Tabernacle Presbyterian | Valley Covenant | Victory Worship Center | Village Church | Wayne Hills Baptist
Waynesboro Free Methodist

Today, the top search result for the question above is “Should I get an abortion? Information to help you decide” — a page on Planned Parenthood’s website. Tomorrow, it may be from another abortion provider, a pregnancy center, or an obstetrician’s office. That reality is driven by the power of online advertising, the immediate and ever-changing world of the internet, and the amount of money an organization is willing to invest to ensure their name is at the top of the search results.On average, six days after a women suspects she is pregnant, she is researching about abortion services. We know, with confidence, that women are most likely to turn to the internet first. So we are asking the question – where will ComfortCare show up on the list? And how do we ensure we are first?
 As we research the most effective way to allocate our advertising funds, many internet experts recommend starting with spending a minimum of $1,000/month on Google AdWords – the most influential way to effect where your organization shows up on that results list. ComfortCare is committed to investing these funds for such advertising in 2018.

We will always continue to invest directly into our patient programs and clinics. What we realize though is that those services only benefit her if she knows we exist. As we share the average timeline for women deciding to schedule an abortion, you can see how short the window of opportunity is that exists. The time is now. In fact, I would say it was yesterday. Thus, ComfortCare will not miss the present opportunity to rise above the noise to give her a voice for herself and for her family.

12 short days. That’s how short the timeline is from a when a woman first suspects she is pregnant to following through with a procedure to abort. We know you are saddened by this truth as much as we are at ComfortCare. We know you are committed to standing with us as we seek to educate, equip, and empower her to choose life.

So what can you do? Here are some specific action items that you can do to help. Please pray over them. Please contact us for more information. Please act. She needs you.

Pray. Email to join our prayer team.
Advocate. Inform women about ComfortCare’s services. >>
Underwrite advertising expenses. >>
Volunteer:      Administration/Fundraising Support Teams, Clinic Services, Operational Needs: landscaping, cleaning, maintenance >>
Attend Partners in Hope: Take a tour of the clinic and learn about the issues surrounding abortion and how ComfortCare seeks to fill that gap.   >>

 Fundraising Events:

The Stride for Life Walk and 5K will take place in Staunton and Waynesboro on May 5th. The 5K will begin at 8am at Gypsy Hill Park, and the Walk portion of the event will begin at 9am at both Grace Christian Elementary School in Staunton AND Westwood Hills Elementary School in Waynesboro. Register to participate and start collecting pledges NOW at

DOES YOUR CHURCH HAVE A STRIDE COACH? Volunteer to represent ComfortCare and gather support at your church by being a Stride Coach. Contact Renee Craig for more info: (540) 885-7448 ext. 308 or

The Annual Dessert Banquet will be held Tuesday, April 10th, at Evans Hall on the W&L Campus. Join us for an evening of inspirational stories from our patients, volunteers, president, and special guest speaker. Register to attend at

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HOST A TABLE? Invite friends and family to attend the Dessert Banquet along with you! Contact Olivia Smiley for more info: (540) 480-8889 or


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