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 The Un-Banquet Program
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Welcome – Jerelyn Anderson

Ministry Report – Stephanie Crawford

Patient Testimonies – Jenn Wade

Opportunity to Respond


ComfortCare’s desire is to be a refuge for the women in our communities; a place where they can come to tend to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as they navigate life altering decisions. To meet the individual needs of each and every patient, here’s how we seek to illuminate the darkness…

Engage her. Let her know there is a safe, non-judgmental environment where she can process her pregnancy options. She deserves to know she is seen and heard.

Educate & Equip her. This decision is worth getting all of the information she needs – not just the portions that suit an agenda. She deserves to know that there is a whole community of resources to support her on this journey.

Empower her. Through her encounter with ComfortCare, she will know that abortion is NOT her only option. She deserves to be empowered to make a fully-informed decision.

All of our funding serves our patients and our mission, whether it is used to pay our electricity, our staff, or our ultrasound equipment. Your support allows ComfortCare to serve where it’s needed – to be a light in the darkness.


Thank you to our underwriters for their generous support of this event. (links to each below)
GUARDIANS ($1000+):
Rockbridge Church and Lexington Baptist
PROTECTORS ($500): D&D Electric
CNC Fabricators  and Living Stones Ministries


Patient Testimony Videographers: Ryan Berry, Tyler Wines
Un-Banquet Videographer: Ryan Berry
Prayer Coordinators: John and Elaine DeJong
Our Faithful Table Hosts


We’d like to extend our gratitude to Honeysuckle Ridge in Waynesboro, VA
for kindly offering space to record the Un-Banquet video.


With gratitude from our Staff and Board members:

Stephanie Crawford President & CEO
Wanda Crosby R.N., C.C.E., VP of Medical Services
Lola Widener VP of Patient Services
Melissa Szulkowski VP of Operations
Jenn Wade VP of Advancement
Jerelyn Anderson Director of Events
Hannah Moxley Director of Development
Melissa Rescott Director of Patient Services – Augusta
Mary Kuhar, R.N. Nurse Manager – Rockbridge
Ruth Peaden Director of Patient Services – Rockbridge
Medical Directors Rob Marsh, M.D. & Scott Seaton, M.D.

Chairman Curtis Wilbur
Vice Chairman Dr. Stacy Clark
Secretary Danielle Wolfe
Treasurer Amy Yoder, CPA
Scott Risser, Cheryl Nester, Michelle Spivey, Pastor Steve Paulus


For questions or more information,
please contact Jerelyn Anderson, Director of Events, by email or by phone: (540) 885-7448 ext. 308.


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Thank you, once again, to our amazing underwriters for making this banquet possible:



CNC Fabricators