Introducing… STRIDEFEST! This event will be an opportunity to come together in unity for the value of LIFE. That purpose and vision has not changed from our previous Stride events. What has changed is how we approach engaging our community better.  After all, the vision statement for the Stride events is to “promote community support to demonstrate solidarity as we strive to lead women and men to abundant life in Christ.” 

We believe that our previous events have brought honor to the participants, to the patients and community we serve, as well as to God.  We believe that is because of the people that have so faithfully engaged and attended each year.  For that, we thank you!  We hope that you are encouraged by these changes, as our hearts desire to welcome more people to the ministry – whether that is because they have a need as a potential patient or a desire to support and add a voice to the cause for life.

To effectively achieve that vision, we felt it necessary to select a more centrally placed location as well as add some fun for the whole family.  By doing so, we strive to create multiple ways to come together in prayer, in fellowship, but also in celebration about what God is doing through these services and through YOU!

Stay tuned for additional details about the day of festivities!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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