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What is Stride 1.4? I’m glad you asked!
Stride 1.4 will be a unique way for us to gather and reflect on our mission in the context of Covid-19 and social distancing. We will be sharing some brief details here, but please be on the lookout for additional emails and follow us @SupportCCWH on Facebook and Instagram for further details.
Why 1.4?  The most recent statistics tell us that 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by the age of 45. We will come together to mourn the that will not experience life outside of the womb; to grieve with the mother who didn’t choose life and to pray for healing over her and anyone else involved; and to celebrate and pray over the 3 lives that were chosen and the families that are raising them.
How will we do that?
Instead of our traditional walk, we are coordinating a 1.4 mile drive. We will host a brief program to kick us off in the parking lot of Crossroads Baptist Church (31 Cross Road Ln, Fishersville) and then drive 1.4 miles to Bridge Christian Church (1275 Goose Creek Rd, Fishersville) together as we join in prayer and reflection over the 1 in 4.
You may be thinking 1.4 miles is a short drive. While you are correct and we would love to walk it instead, we felt this was the most responsible way to give us an opportunity to gather at this time. In addition, we are hoping to inspire you with patient stories and encourage you in the details that we’ll be sharing as we get closer.
If you are unable to participate that day, please join us virtually! Take a 1.4 mile walk in your neighborhood or a 1.4 mile drive wherever you feel close to God. Take a picture of your 1.4 mile walk/drive and post on social media and tag #SupportCCWH.However you choose to participate, let’s do this together!
If you’d rather use the paper form… you can use the form we mailed out in March, OR …

Stride 1.4 Schedule
July 11, 2020
9:15-9:45 am – Arrive at Crossroads Baptist Church
Please park in the designated parking spaces as directed by our parking crew.
Stay in your car and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
You may turn in your paper fundraising form and any cash or checks you’ve collected during this timeframe.
(A staff member will come to your car to collect forms & funds.)
9:45 – 10:00 am 
A short program will take place to kick off our Stride 1.4 Drive
10:00am (ish)
We’ll drive 1.4 miles in single file format to Bridge Christian Church.
Take a moment while in the Bridge parking lot to say a prayer individually or with your family
for the 1 in 4, as well as the ministry of ComfortCare.
(If you have any additional forms or funds to turn in, we’ll have a staff member at Bridge as well.)

Check out our Support Facebook page for more info and updates!


For questions or more information,
please contact Jerelyn Anderson, Director of Events, by email or by phone: (540) 885-7448 ext. 308.



A huge thank you to these local businesses for sponsoring the 2020 Stride:



If you’ve already signed up to be a Stride Coach this year, Jerelyn Anderson will be in contact with you as soon. If you have not heard from her yet, please email her at or call (540) 885-7448 ext. 308.