Hi, It is my privilege to invite you to become a ComfortCare Defender. And to tell you a little bit about our August Campaign, the Defender Campaign.

Well it’s an invitation to a commitment to be honest. It’s an invitation to commit to first defend, to guard, to guard what you may ask? Not just ComfortCare Women’s Health, but what we find in the word, to defend the value of life. And I want you to be inspired by the many defenders we see in the written Word, Paul, Daniel, Stephen. So many that stood for exactly what God tells us is true.

It’s an invitation to protect, to maintain. We’re inviting you to join us as a monthly donor, because those are the individuals who help give assurance to the long term sustainability of ComfortCare Women’s Health because amidst of all the change that is happening around us right now, the mission remains true. We are looking to engage women with unintended pregnancies. We are looking to educate them on information about options, on fetal development, on the realities of what we know is true.

And then it is an invitation to support. Our goal through this defender campaign is to have twenty four new monthly donors in the month of August. And let me tell you that is whether you can donate ten dollars a month or a hundred and ten dollars a month. The amount isn’t as significant as the reliance we have on your monthly commitment.

But why did I pick twenty four? Well, I read an article from the Blue Ridge Abortion Assistance Fund, or about them rather, that talked about the first year that they organized, that they helped fund twenty – three abortions. And to be honest, I picked one more because I knew we could do better. And if that wasn’t enough to motivate you, let me tell you that we have been blessed to have a donor that has willing to offer a match. So for every new monthly commitment this donor has agreed to give an additional hundred dollars on top of that up to our goal, so an additional twenty four hundred dollars that you can help us raise, simply by signing up today.

So I want to welcome you in and invite you to this campaign and invite you into a relationship with ComfortCare Women’s Health as a ComfortCare Defender… to defend, to protect, to support.

Thank you.