Current Job Openings:

Vice President of Clinic Operations

Job Description


General Description:
The Vice President of Clinic Operations oversees all clinic and program offerings at ComfortCare Women’s Health (CCWH), including all departmental employees and volunteers.  The V.P.’s role is to strategically develop and maintain clinic and program offerings that effectively pursue the realization of CCWH’s vision and mission. This position will seek to make sure all ComfortCare services within the clinical operations are innovative, relevant and marked by excellence.  The V.P. of Clinic Operations is classified as a full-time exempt position, approved for 32 hours/week.

Accountable To:
The Vice President of Clinic Operations is accountable to and under the direct supervision of the President and CEO.

The V.P. of Clinic Operations directly supervises all employees within the clinic and program offerings of CCWH.  The V.P. of Clinic Operations also ensures that adequate oversight, management, and leadership is provided for all affiliated volunteers.


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life and related issues of abortion and sexual purity.
  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, Code of Ethics, and policies of the Clinic.
  1. Maintain a consistent sanctity of life position and would not refer or advise a woman to have an abortion. (In cases where a woman’s life is endangered, the clinic would encourage the woman to seek life-preserving measures, seeking to preserve both the woman and the child.)
  1. Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree related to health management, nursing, or counseling services &/or applicable work experience in these fields.
  2. Have work/volunteer experience in areas of service, supervision, and ministry.  Preferably at least two years worth in any or all of these areas.
  3. Have 1-2 years experience in program development.
  4. Exhibit excellent skills in interpersonal communication, public speaking, & writing.
  5. Provide spiritual leadership, discipleship, encouragement and direction for the staff members and volunteers.
  6. Ability to work occasional evenings and/or weekends when needed for clinic coverage or community outreach needs.


Major Responsibilities:

Operations Leadership – Clinic

  • Oversee medical & non-medical patient services and policies in all ComfortCare clinics.
  • Create and implement strategic plans within the clinic, in alignment with CCWH’s vision, mission, and strategic direction.
  • Maintain current understand of trends affecting the ComfortCare patient population. Anticipate impact to potential patients and identify and propose opportunities to realize pertinent opportunities.
  • Utilize patient feedback to assess goal achievement and any identified needs to enhance CCWH’s services.
  • Share the on-call responsibilities of the ComfortCare patient line.

Operations Leadership – Programs:

  • Analyze clinic-affiliated programs (HEART, Connections, & KISSN) on an annual basis to ensure alignment and effectiveness in pursuit of organizational goals.
  • Work directly with program leadership and/or the community to ensure program resources are available and acquired to meet our patient’s needs.

Related tasks:

  • Represent CCWH as needed at community, church, and organizational gatherings.
  • Diligent in prayer for the clinic and ministry at large
  • Maintain and review statistical reports for accuracy, as well as provision of data and analysis that aid in CCWH advancement and outreach as a ministry

Evaluation: The V.P. of Clinic Operations will receive an annual evaluation by the President and CEO.  The evaluation will consider:

  • Guidance and implementation of CCWH’s vision & mission as it relates to direct patient services, both in the clinic and via supplemental programs.
  • Realization of developed annual strategic direction within clinic operations & programs.
  • Leadership within the realm of support for the CCWH ministry, to include community representation, support in special events, teamwork, and supervision of the clinic operations & program employees.
  • Oversight of CCWH’s policies and procedures as it relates to Clinic Operations responsibilities.
  • Accuracy and timeliness of statistical reporting.


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