This season is an exciting one for ComfortCare Women’s Health!  As we spend time reflecting on updated needs, we see an opportunity to define some critical functions for the ministry and incorporate them into a new position – our Vice President of Clinical Operations.  We are so encouraged that the candidate for this new position was in our midst.  Mary Kuhar, our Lexington Nurse Manager, is stepping into this role. She has faithfully served ComfortCare for almost 10 years and continually tries to help us do what we do… better.

With an internal transition and continual opportunities, it also puts us in a position to add a couple more people to our team.  We are excited to let you know that we are currently seeking two new Staff Nurses to join us!  While both employees would need to serve in any of the clinics, one will primarily be based in Staunton and the other will primarily be based in Lexington.

If you are interested (or know someone that would be), please read through the job description below.  Please email if you have any questions about the info you see presented or send a cover letter and resume to apply for one of the positions.



Staff Nurse
(2 positions open)

Job Description:

General Description: The Staff Nurse provides direct patient care and support/supervision for all medical services and medical volunteers at assigned location of ComfortCare Women’s Health (CCWH).  This role is designed to effectively implement CCWH’s vision and mission as it relates to our medical services, showing the clients the love of Jesus Christ and presenting accurate medical services, education, and resources in all aspects of their pregnancy decision.  The staff nurse is expected to adhere to and implement CCWH’s policies and procedures, as well as professional standards of care.  This position assists the V.P. of Clinical Operations in offering medical volunteers continual educational opportunities and giving patients the best physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care possible.  This position is a non-exempt position.

Accountable to: The Staff Nurse is accountable to and under the direct supervision of the V.P. of Clinical Operations.

Supervises: No direct employee supervision.  The Staff Nurse supervises & supports any medical volunteers at assigned location.


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life and related issues of abortion and sexual purity.
  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, Code of Ethics, and policies of the Clinic.
  4. Maintains a consistent sanctity of life position and would not refer or advise a woman to have an abortion. (In cases where a woman’s life is endangered, the clinic would encourage the woman to seek life-preserving measures, seeking to preserve both the woman and the child.)
  5. Understand, be able to model and communicate biblical concepts and principles that relate to human life and medicine.
  6. Hold a current Registered Nurse’s License in good standing with the Medical Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  7. Have work/volunteer experience in areas of service, supervision, and ministry.  Preferably at least two years worth in any or all of these areas.
  8. Be able to provide spiritual leadership and support for staff and volunteers.
  9. Ability to work occasional evenings and/or weekends when needed for clinic coverage or community outreach needs.
  10. Ability & flexibility to work at any CCWH location as needed to meet organizational needs.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

Patient Care

  • Ensure medical service staffing needs are covered for open clinic hours.
  • Provide nursing care: perform pregnancy tests, testing for sexually transmitted infections, and perform limited OB ultrasounds. Assess patient needs and make nursing judgments which reflect safe nursing practices.
  • Oversee and implement nursing policies and procedures at assigned location.
  • Update physician and patient accordingly in relation to progress and changes in condition.
  • Provide accurate and current medical education to CCWH’s patients
  • Share on-call responsibilities.

Related Tasks

  • Represent CCWH as needed at community, church, and organizational gatherings.
  • Diligent in prayer for the clinic and the ministry at large
  • Perform tasks as requested by the V.P. of Clinical Operations & President/CEO
  • Attend all staff meetings/retreats as an integral part of the CCWH team

Evaluations: The Staff Nurse will receive an annual evaluation by the V.P. of Clinical Operations.  The evaluation will consider:

  • Client care – medical understanding, direct medical services (pregnancy tests, STI testing, limited OB ultrasound), and documentation
  • Oversight of CCWH’s policies and procedures as it relates to Medical Service responsibilities at assigned location.
  • Daily clinic management – effective assessment and use of resources to meet the needs of our patients, including volunteers, medical supplies/resources, and community referrals.
  • CCWH support – community representation of the ministry, support in special events, and teamwork


To apply for one of the Staff Nurse positions, please submit cover letter and resume to