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I know that one of the most significant works done in this ministry is that which is done before the Lord in prayer. I find that the staff, the clinic volunteers, and myself are continually encouraged that there is an army of people who are praying and petitioning God on behalf the patients we serve and for our overall ministry needs. After all, ComfortCare Women’s Health is called into spaces that go against the very nature of the evil one. Therefore, we seek our assurance and our protection from the Savior Who has overcome it all.

Because of that knowledge, we are refreshing our prayer outreach by giving it a specific home as an arm of the ComfortCare ministry. This effort includes a new name, a new image, and the same passionate hearts. Let me be the first to introduce you to ComfortCare’s 12:12 Prayer Network.

Why 12:12?  We believe the scripture of Romans 12:12 offers instruction as to how we should approach our Heavenly Father in prayer – “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

My hope is that this newsletter invites you into a deeper look and understanding of the prayer life of ComfortCare Women’s Health. As you read and reflect, we want you to know that we acknowledge there is only one way that we will see an end to the abortion crisis. Would you join us in prayer for that end?

Stephanie Crawford
President & CEO

Be joyful in hope.  We can sit in peace, knowing that our God is the God of hope!  We see plenty of darkness through this ministry, but we also see the hope that comes from knowing Christ and fulfilling his plan.

Be patient in affliction. That darkness we see at ComfortCare… it can be an incredible challenge to entrust that work to God at times.  We are here to do the work and we want to see the immediate result.  However, we also know that as God is bigger than anything we see in this world, we also know that He alone deserves all the praise.  So we wait, patiently, for the work of the Spirit to be done as we faithfully sow his seeds.

Be faithful in prayer. We never know what God will lead us into each day.  We also never know what darkness lies ahead.  We can choose to focus on the circumstances of every day or we can choose to set our hearts and eyes above and remain constant in prayer, shielded by His love and protection.  We choose prayer.  Thank you for choosing it with us!

The prayer ministry is central to ComfortCare. We can do nothing without God’s help and your prayers.

We meet patients at a time when a possible pregnancy may be the last thing they want in their lives. For some patients, a possible pregnancy would be the ‘undoing’ of their future self, goals, and aspirations. How can we, as mere humans, bring hope to such a dire situation? We can’t. Not by ourselves.  Not without the intervention of God and the working of His Holy Spirit.

The prayer ministry is led by people who see what our patients cannot see — that there is hope in what may seem like a hopeless situation.

The prayer team sees that we have a God bigger than any problem or obstacle we may encounter. In every circumstance and at every patient visit, we need prayer. We need your prayers.

Mary KuharMary Kuhar, RN
Lexington Clinic







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