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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… or More

Did you know the first cell phone picture was taken in 1997 in a maternity ward in California? It was taken by a software entrepreneur who captured his baby girl moments after her arrival. Fast forward 20 years and we’re all self-proclaimed photographers. Our pictures range from our evening meal to significant life moments to the occasional “selfie.” Maybe some of these pictures are worth a thousand words, but then again…maybe some are only worth a few.

But if we use pictures to capture a story, think about the ones told through an ultrasound. Our VP of Medical Services told me about performing an ultrasound for a couple who had been trying to conceive for five years. Now that’s a story! Or the story that is unfolding in a woman’s heart when she sees her baby for the first time. Not a random clump of cells, not a mistake, but a living being. This picture is a precious gift that has a purpose far beyond what any of us may understand.

As you reflect on the content of this newsletter, I hope you sense our commitment to offering our clients this story. We believe it makes a difference in helping a woman choose life for her baby…and for herself. Please consider how you can be a part of this commitment.

Stephanie Crawford
President & CEO

Seeing is Believing
An interview with Audrey Stout, R.N., R.D.M.S.
by Stephanie Crawford
A woman is pressured by her boyfriend to have an abortion. It is a story we know all too well. In this story, the client gives in and takes the abortion pill. Realizing she was uncertain about her choice, she connects with a pregnancy medical clinic that offers the abortion pill reversal. Prior to making a decision, a nurse performs an ultrasound on the woman. The baby is already 12 weeks old. While scared and overwhelmed about her circumstances, the woman decides at that moment to seek a reversal and to choose life for her baby.I had the good fortune to hear this story in a recent conversation with Audrey Stout, R.N., R.D.M.S. Audrey is an influential leader in the advancement of medical services within pregnancy centers, nationwide. She happened to be involved in the ultrasound story shared above and updated me that the baby has since been born and is healthy.Since 2000, Audrey has served as the Vice President of Medical Services at NIFLA and is a founding member of Soundview Imaging, an organization that offers hands on training and skills assessment for medical professionals serving within pregnancy medical clinics. While her career with pregnancy centers started in 1987, her passion for the cause extends back to a high school debate. Along with a peer, Audrey defended the pro-life position in a community that strongly supported abortion. Following the debate, Audrey recalls that only two people voted pro-life that day – herself and her debate partner.Listening to Audrey recant the experience signifies just how much has changed since then. Abortion is now legal. Significant numbers of pregnancy centers have evolved to offering professional-based medical services, better equipping and empowering women to make a fully informed choice. However, what has not changed is the debate. As we are all too aware, it continues today with great fervor. Currently, organizations are attempting to rally people against pregnancy resource centers in an effort to expose them as “fake clinics.” They claim that our services are not medical and our practices are simply an attempt to manipulate women to choose life.Alternatively, when we offer these services; as Audrey puts it, with integrity, compassion, and excellence, we can truly empower the women that enter our door. So while the debate wages around us, I am encouraged by the conviction I see amongst our supporters. It is through your conviction and the Lord’s provision that ComfortCare is able to invest in the services, equipment, and training necessary to stand firm in the debate – to stand firm in the vote for life.

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) serves as an expert resource in the areas of legal counsel, education, and training for over 1,100 pregnancy medical clinics across the United States. NIFLA recently conducted a survey amongst their affiliated clinics to ascertain the effectiveness of ultrasounds in influencing a mother to choose life for her child. They determined that:
  • 78% of mothers who were considering abortion chose to carry their babies to term upon receiving an ultrasound.
  • 99.26% of pregnancy center staff agree or strongly agree that an ultra- sound confirmation of a pregnancy makes a positive impact on the                                  mother’s decision.

*  Glessner, T.A. (Feb 2015). The NIFLA survey: The effectiveness of ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy. Legal Tips/Clinic Tips. Retrieved from http://www.nifla.org/

Our New Ultrasound Machine | What You Need to Know

ComfortCare Women’s Health converted to a medical clinic in 2005 when we added the capability of offering limited obstetric ultrasounds. The nurses who perform the ultrasounds receive classroom training through NIFLA and are observed while performing between 75 to 100 scans, totaling up to about 85 hours of training. All of our ultrasounds are read by one of our medical directors who also participate in regular recertification training. Since 2005, 4,541 ultrasounds have been performed across our three clinics.

Unfortunately, the ultrasound machine in our Lexington clinic stopped functioning properly in the early Spring of 2017. After much research and deliberation, the ComfortCare Board of Directors and President & CEO decided to purchase a new machine for the facility using our reserve funds with the intention of replenishing those funds.

In July, 2017, a $3,000 grant was given by the Karis Kares Foundation, AND an additional $8,000 was granted by the PreBorn Foundation to help pay for the machine! God IS good. We still have a ways to go to meet the goal of $23,905 to replenish the funds in our savings. All donations from THIS newsletter will go directly toward replenishing these funds. Make a donation today HERE.  And if you are not able to give at this time, then we ask you to pray for this endeavor. We thank you all for your support!

 Fundraising Events:

So, what happened with all those baby bottles you filled this year anyway? We are excited to report that (most) all of the bottles have been returned, money counted, and we are in the process of preparing them to come back out to you this fall. In 2017, YOU RAISED OVER $46,000 THROUGH THIS CAMPAIGN! WOW!!! Well done everyone. That is an impressive amount of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters (and cash and checks too!)

Let’s get ready for Baby Bottle 2018! If your church has not participated before, but you’d like to this year, contact Renee Craig (for Staunton, Augusta, Waynesboro churches) or Lorri Boyd (for Lexington and Rockbridge County churches).






The Stride for Life will take place in Rockbridge County on Saturday, October 7th. The 5K run will begin at our ComfortCare Clinic on Waddell Street (please note new location!) at 8 am, and the walk will begin at Maury River Middle School at 9 am.

Click here for more info or to register for the Stride

The Annual Fall Fundraising Banquet will be held Monday and Tuesday, October 23rd and 24th, at Best Western in Waynesboro, featuring guest speaker, David Bereit. You’ll also hear a ministry report from Stephanie Crawford, as well as heartfelt testimonies from ComfortCare patients.

Click here for more info or to register to Table Host or Attend

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THIS EVENT! To learn more about the various banquet volunteer opportunities, please contact Renee for more info: (540) 885-7448 ext. 308.

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