As each of you know, operations are just a bit different than normal these days.  We want to thank you for your participation in our Baby Bottle campaign this year.  The provision that has come from it thus far is incredibly generous and timely, as we all encounter some uncertainties ahead.  If your church has participated in the past, you are accustomed to getting a total raised from your congregation when we’ve finish the accounting process.  We still anticipate providing that information, but it will be a bit more delayed.
Prior to our non-essential staff transitioning to working from home, we finished counting the bottles we had already picked up. In the meantime, we have asked a handful of churches to hold onto their bottles for the time being. As we try to protect our staff and see abortion-vulnerable patients as long as possible, we just do not have the capacity to continue counting the change. We look forward to resuming to normal practices as soon as possible and celebrating your congregation’s faithful support! 
We are incredibly blessed by your support of this important fundraiser and I hope you know that the lack of speedy communication does not minimize that sentiment.  We will be in touch with you as we expectantly wrap up the campaign when it is safer to do so.
We understand some of you are doing your campaigns later this year and that this may have thrown your timeline off a bit as well. That is not a problem at all! When things settle and that’s a detail you can get to, just let us know and how we can help!
For further questions, please contact Jerelyn Anderson, Director of Events, at