What is the most significant part of the ComfortCare ministry?


The work done through ComfortCare Women’s Health is only possible through the Lord’s provision –
from the lives that we touch to the supporters that make it possible.
Thus, we felt it was time for a “refresh” of this important ministry arm.

Welcome to the 12:12 prayer network! 
You might be wondering what the 12:12 represents.  It represents how we feel we should always be approaching our Heavenly Father in prayer, as instructed in Romans 12:12.  “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

We can sit in peace, knowing that our God is the God of hope!  We see plenty of darkness through this ministry, but we also see the hope that comes from knowing Christ and fulfilling his plan.


That darkness we see at ComfortCare…it can be an incredible challenge to entrust that work to God at times.  We are here to do the work and we want to see the immediate result.  However, we also know that as God is bigger than anything we see in this world, we also know that he alone deserves all the praise. So we wait, patiently, for the work of the Spirit to be done as we faithfully sow his seeds.


We never know what God will lead us into each day.  We also never know what darkness lies ahead.  We can choose to focus on the circumstances of every day or we can choose to set our hearts and eyes above and remain faithful in prayer, shielded by His love and protection. 

We choose prayer.  Thank you for choosing it with us!

Your prayer support is vital and essential to the work of this ministry. Please consider the two different ways you can be a prayer intercessor for ComfortCare:

Option 1: Sign up for Daily Prayer Emails. Receive a brief, daily prayer request via email.  If you have 30 seconds every day, you can fulfill this need. By signing up for this option, you will be lifting up prayer needs specifically requested by individuals within the ministry.

Option 2: Sign up for As-Needed, Specific Prayer Requests. Receive our as-needed, more specific, prayer requests by email (or phone call, if you prefer). There is no timeline for these emails, as they are distributed, typically after seeing a patient with very specific prayer needs.  John & Elaine Dejong, 12:12 Prayer Network Prayer Coordinators, will contact you with some details about the prayer need and correlating scripture to guide you in that time before the Lord. 

For more information, email John and Elaine Dejong at 1212prayernetwork@ccwomenshealth.org

To join our team of prayer intercessors, fill out the form below, let us know which option (or both!) you’d like to sign up for, and click submit.