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Stephanie Choices
As people, we are filled with a litany of choices every day, along with countless voices telling us which ones to make. Most of the women we encounter at ComfortCare are here so that we can equip them with information to help them make a life-altering choice.However, are we caring for the woman well if we choose to start educating her only once she shows up for a pregnancy test? Enter KISSN. We are committed to being a voice for our area youth to help them make life-altering decisions prior to finding themselves at our clinics.Consider the national trends in sex education outlined below. Review the choices that our youth are currently making. Engage in our efforts at fighting these trends. Join us as we help equip and encourage our teens to be confident in being countercultural.Gratefully,
Stephanie Crawford, President & CEO
  Youth and Sex Education
Ascend*, a national advocacy organization, that promotes Sexual Risk Avoidance education has commissioned a recent survey of 18 and 19 year olds across the United States. Here are some of the surprising statistics they shared:
• 60% of surveyed teens have had sex. This number is similar to those reported by the CDC for high school seniors.
• 48% of teens wished they had waited to become sexually active.
• 57% of teens believe that long-acting reversible contraception will help prevent the contraction of STDs.
• 29% of the surveyed teens think that their sexual education classes make it seem like sexual activity is an expectation.
*Ascend (2016). Teens speak out: National survey indicates that most teens want more than contraception from their sex education classes. Retrieved from
  Keep It Simple Say No (KISSN) is an interactive, creative, fast-paced program created for youth from 6th grade through high school. It is designed to challenge young people to consider their views on healthy relationships.
 Topics included:

  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Love versus Infatuation
  • Choices and Consequences
  • How Far is Too Far?
  • The Importance of Goal Setting
  • The Freedom of Abstinence.

Youth today are growing up in a culture where sexual themes and explicit images are accessible in unprecedented ways through an array of media. The KISSN program is designed to help youth gain confidence in being countercultural; affirming the concept that healthy relationships are born out of a God-designed relational model as opposed to a self-satisfying recreational one.

Lola Widener, ComfortCare’s Vice President of Medical Services, created the KISSN program to support our area youth as they navigate the challenges of today’s culture. As Lola says, KISSN has brought the truth of abstinence until marriage to thousands of young people and they have found freedom in the message.” ComfortCare offers this educational resource to the local schools, community, and church youth groups. As we seek to promote the value of life, we believe this program is a critical component in that message. The conversation does not start with an unplanned pregnancy. It starts by equipping and encouraging youth to make healthy decisions for their future.

Lisa SaundersLisa Saunders, ComfortCare’s Director of Community Education, can help arrange a KISSN program tailored to the needs of the area youth. If interested in scheduling a program or getting more details, please contact her at 540-294-3851 or or go to

 KISSN overcomes the challenges of today’s cultural messages. It engages all ages of youth in healthy conversations through role play, audience participation, and games. Through the experience and exercises, our area youth are making healthier choices and finding value in their God-given identity.

“I am beginning to understand life because of you.” – KISSN participant

“KISSN made me think about the importance of making good choices and guarding my future goals.” – KISSN participant

“Our speaker made me think twice about any sexual behavior.” –KISSN participant

In addition, the program is not designed to take away the important conversations had in the home and in the church. Instead, they are designed to augment those conversations. ComfortCare has had the opportunity to present KISSN in a variety of settings, including local schools.

“The information presented is very relevant to students and allowed them to process how today’s culture might influence their behaviors.” -Local host teacher

“I thought the program was well-done with great information. I would highly recommend KISSN to other youth groups.” –Local host teacher

 2017 First Quarter Results Your Impact So Far This Year
207 patient visits
105 pregnancy tests
61 ultrasounds
76 bottles of prenatal vitamins distributed
83 Spiritual discussions
14 women who were considering abortion chose life for their babies!“I felt respected every step of the way.” – CCWH patient, April 2017

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