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What if just the change in your pocket could make all the difference for a baby and his mom? Your support enables ComfortCare to provide medical services to women in unplanned pregnancies free of charge, regardless of income or insurance coverage.

The Baby Bottle Campaign is the easiest fundraiser you’ll do all year. You simply set out the bottles on the suggested date(s) and have your congregation pick up the bottles, take them home, fill them with loose change, cash, or checks, and then return them to the designated location in your church at the end of January. We’ll pick up the bottles. We’ll count all that change, and we’ll let you know how much your church raised!

The Baby Bottle Campaign runs November 26, 2017, to January 21, 2018.
We deliver bottles at the beginning of November, and pick them up at the beginning of February.This campaign runs itself!
Just put the empty bottles out and collect them on the designated date.

If your church participated last year, no need to respond. We’ll deliver your bottles in November. If you’d like to opt out, let us know as soon as possible. If your church has not participated before, and you’d like to this year, let us know by November 1st.

Baby Bottle Campaign Dates
Weeks of November 6 and 13
Baby bottles will be delivered to your church by a
ComfortCare volunteer

Sunday, November 26 and/or December 3
Churches hand out baby bottles

Sunday, January 28
Collect Baby Bottles from Congregation

Weeks of February 5 and 11
Baby bottle pick-up by ComfortCare volunteers

 “Our church participated in the Baby Bottle Campaign last year to
help support the ministries at ComfortCare.
It was easy to distribute and collect, as well as
a helpful reminder for our people to help this Christ-centered ministry.”

-Mark W. Jones, Senior Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church